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This is what we talked about over the two days:
Wordle: Creation Space

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

15 Who will use it and can they afford it?

Convener: Peter Mount

Participants: Mike, Charlotte, Alex, Margaret, Kiki

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:
1. Based on a broad definition of creation centre then yes, there are users.
2. Many venues/facilities operate successfully only because they run a mixed range of users – from local with limited funding through to the large, corporate, strong brought in to provide “commercial” income. The strong will prosper, and are needed to fund the weak, and can “control” the time they use, the spaces, etc.
3. The time used and investment of resource to raise funds, and make an organisation viable, can be very counterproductive for the success of users – they can’t afford the space, or for a limited time. Lot of energy from the users and space suppliers just goes on just trying to get into the space. The process of getting users for a space, and finding a space, can be/is overwhelming.
4. There is no “free” space, letting users get on full-time with creating. There is no equality of opportunity for the weak – the strong win!
5. Was the older funding model in times past different? Have things really got tougher, or has it always been tough?

Freedom to work and create…
is compressed and limited by the time and resource investment to sustain viability
= imbalance

Freedom to work and create…
is promoted and expands if it is at the centre and is supported through fully accessible resources, and supported by real significant investment
= balance

Yes there are the users, at the right price

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