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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

14 Who will Build it? And why?

Convener: Clive Lyttle

Mark Morren, Ajay Chhabra, Becky Thomson

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

LOCAG – practical question of who should build it

Does an organization exists that can take the lead?

Then build it

Capital question – where does it come from?


Big contenders who runs it – responsibility – needs to be instigated by an existing authority.

Who is in a position to say this will happen?


LDA – has a history of Land development

Need proof of need for such a centre

ACE does it establish need through events such as this open space.

Who will fund it

Need to be built in two years time for 2012

Responsibility of sectors

Why are people not taking responsibility?

LDA – Hackney wick building

Dragons Den – need to involve entrepreneurs or corporate bodies

Lord Sugar?

Richard Branson involved?

Top down or bottom up approach to development

Benefit of partners

Is 3 Mills the right site?

Could it be developed on other brown field site?

LDA – Purchase site

LOCAG / ODA bricks and mortar

ACE – what goes on inside ?

3 Mills thought to be an ideal site because of its isolated location i.e. surrounded by water, lee valley etc


Commitment to legacy

Public money

Animate space of Olympic park

Dress space

Barcelona out door art park/event

Use by festival

Watch out for problems that happen in millennium dome and celebrations etc

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