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This is what we talked about over the two days:
Wordle: Creation Space

Monday, 29 March 2010

06 How could we best use the Olympic Broadcast Media Centre after the Games as a “world class creation centre”?

Conveners: Anna Harding, Chris Westwood

Participants: Lucy McMenamy

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

• the 2012 Broadcast Media Centre in Hackney Wick will be de commissioned after the Games.
• It and cost allegedly £500m and is approx 1m sq feet (think, Barbican Centre or Southbank Centre in scale). It’s a great big “shed”
• It will be Hackney’s biggest legacy from the Games. It is supposed to generate 8000 jobs as “legacy”
• It’s officially designated a “creative and media centre”
• It has high speed connectivity, broadband and a load of sponsors floating around
• We know that the certain CCI growth areas - at min 4% p.a. – are in new media, digi media, gaming, animation etc
• We don’t need another dedicated A/V university now that Ravenbourne is open

The idea:
• “Eastbank” - a teenage destinational palace of dreams
• it’s about teenage creativity and the future
• it’s an alternative to shopping
• an entertainment, social, educational and business microcosm – all interlinked
• a class act centre but with Hackney street style
• visitors from all over the world coming to see it in practice

The “areas”:

• “street games”
– boarding, roller rink, bmx, scramble, bike cross, half pipes, go carts for leisure, international competitions
– specialist academy/training centre – HE/FE level – in these sports
– retail related to this inc sports fashion
– Adidas. Nike etc sponsorship

• video gaming
- playing galleries
- accredited (HE/FE) design courses – a faculty of another uni
- retail centre

• animation
- cluster of animation companies/studios
- HE level courses/degrees/research
- Work placements in the studios on site

• Film/tv production
- related to all other areas (broadcast, animation, journalism, doc, music video etc)
- loads of screens – dotted around as well as “cinemas”
- FE/HE degrees in writing, production, etc – link to other special;ist schools/unis

• Digi-design
- Web: Open access, FE courses, SMEs on site (business and for internships/apprenticeships)
- Cadcam
- Event/performances structures etc

• Fashion
- Education/training (London School of Fashion already in Hackney)
- Young designer studios/labels
- Maker workshops
- Modeling/beauty etc
- Retail
- Shows (local, regional. National, international)

• Journalism
- Web/internet publishing
- Photojournalism
- photography
- broad/narrowcasting
- offices for freelancers/SMEs
- radio and television station

• music
- production, recording studios
- performance areas (club spaces)
- independent labels, music companies SMEs in situ
- teaching?

• event management
- lighting. sound, structures, tech crew, etc academy eg BritSchool
- laser quest
- Tv style sports thingie with obstacles etc
- Production and event SMEs in offices
- Run all the international competitions, shows, conferences in house

• catering and hospitality
- a “Fifteen” for teenagers
- hydroponic allotments
- very cool bars, cafes, restaurants all over the place (franchises)

Some practicalties:

• people who might be interested: Chorion (Waheed Alli), Endemol (Peter Bazelgate), Adidas, Nike, Apple, Google, Disney
• there’s only about 2 years now to make a decision and get this in place
• Hackney residents get in free with a magic swipe card

Needs a design master plan to make it look like a teenage creation centre/village with loads of social spaces, screens, booths, amphthitheatres etc

If Westfield can do it…..

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