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This is what we talked about over the two days:
Wordle: Creation Space

Monday, 29 March 2010

04 Any ideas/interest in a prototype 5 year creation centre in Hackney Wick?

SPACE have a real opportunity and are looking for interested potential partners

Convener: Anna Harding (SPACE – studios)

Participants: Mark Morreau, Margaret Hamilton (Masquerade 2000), Marva Antoine (Tropical Isles), Lucy McMenemy (LB Hackney), Jill Shelley (Barbican)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Create a family to share skills, benefit from each other
A flexible space, not fixed use
Where different groups/art forms can encounter each other
A consortium of users/Association of Specialists
Mobilise what’s already here
Home-Grown – World Class = name for centre?
Space to develop scale and ambition to be part of Olympics and legacy eg build Olympic costumes
Street art, Carnival, visual art, circus, performance, media arts
plus visitor accommodation for hosting international artists
A place to grow from small seeds to big ideas/large scale productions
Creates more opportunities to link up, make connections, for COLLABORATION
Don’t create high overheads or the artistic aim loses its way

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