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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

17 How can we use China resources (Space and Speed) for London Creation Centre?

Converner: Li E Chen

Participants: Billy, Rose English, William

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We discussed the possibility of using China's resources (its vast and inexpensive space and the speed at which work is done) for the creation of a London Creation Centre, which could establish a "London brand" in China.


-To have the space with "London brand" where the centre is operated by London and showed/made works by London artists.
- if it is a collaborative creation space or sole owned creative development space, or if can be both, that open to more possibility.
-UK and China have a different view with size and speed, and if two different attitutes can be combined and created for running the creation space.
- To look into different creation centres, such as Robert Wilson's Watermill centre in US, xxx in France, xxx in China.
-Limited of space and speed: creativity should not be restrict by the size of spaces (if it is on the back of a van or a large building) or scale of the works (if it is small, solo or large scale, thousands of people) or speed of making the works (if it is fast or slow)

more notes will be updated later online.

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