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This is what we talked about over the two days:
Wordle: Creation Space

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

11 Create a space for carnival arts with in the centre

Participants: Margaret Hamilton, Marva Antoine, Clive Lyttle, Margaret Shweeiay
Lina Jungergarbo

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Centre of Excellence for the carnival art form
Including all the elements of carnival e.g.
steel pan. calypso, DJ music costume performance and performance space
• Production and construction
• Multi media and design
• Catering accommodation resource and archives, exhibition space
• Training and conference room

• Employment
• Business opportunities
• Training working with specialist artists
• Supporting social and cultural aspects

How would we be different?
• Practitioner lead
• Working on Major commissioning project
• Community involvement
• Create employment opportunity for the required skills sector
• Manage key events local or international
• Identify it as a business so it becomes sustainable
• Collaboration of art forms

Prove the case
• Getting support for the specialise artists to deliver their art form with capacity
• Building an elite partnership of specialise artist to achieve excellence
• London has a long history of carnival arts, from its cosmopolitan makeup to continue to develop its art form regionally and internationally
• Access the location for 300+ art organisations
• Rising the standards
• Meeting the needs of other future carnivals, festivals, large scale events and celebration events

To give the specialist artists the resources to produce excellence, innovative project to create employment and enhance the visitor’s economy and increase mass participation

Create space for specialise carnival artists and its art forms within a world class creation centre

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